about our real estate agency

This is usually the page where real estate companies shout at the top of their web site lungs about how they are #1 at everything from selling your home to cooking your breakfast. Typically, there would be charts showing some magical sales numbers (ever tried to verify one of those charts?), and promises to make the same magic happen for you as well... along with some fine print that says something like "past performance is no guarantee of future success". Anyway, if it's OK with you, we will pass on that.

Don't get us wrong... we could go there if needed. However, let's just leave it at this:

Since our inception in 1986, no other real estate company in the Riverside- Moreno Valley area has successfully helped more families with their real estate needs than Westcoe Realtors. Period. Buyers... sellers... it doesn't matter.

But here is the real reason for the phenomenal results we achieve for our clients.

Westcoe is about people. The people we work for, and the Realtors we work with. We are about the massive number of referrals we receive from our past clients. We are about the nonexistent agent turnover in an industry known for continual agent changes. We are about caring, we are about hard work, and we have enormous pride in the community we represent. We are about independent local ownership, we answer our phones with a human and not a machine... and we will never affiliate with a corporate, franchise entity. We do not want decisions about what is best for our clients removed from us locally and replaced by a remote, faceless person who does not know our community and our client's needs. If we sound a little feisty, we are... but the families we represent love it.

In the end, we know you have a choice of real estate companies ... they are all over the web. But we hope you appreciate the difference, and if you contact us to get our "we're #1 sales charts", we will send them to you... but don't be surprised when you come away knowing about our 50+ real estate professionals whose commitment to your needs is remarkable.